for more than 10 years,
princeton softech has earned a solid reputation for providing quality data management solution. This reputation is based on helping some of the worlds largest companies increase productivity and gain a graeter return on investment. princeton softech's products promise and deliver unique technology for steamlining application testing, managing explosive database growth and insuring that mission-critical data is always within easy reach.
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BUSINESS Relies on Application the reliance on business applications has grown tremendously in the last five years. And, as the reliance grows, the line between your it infrastructure and core business functions quickly disappearing.
Business today rely on applications for manufacturing, financials, supply chain management, human resources, customer relationship management-virtaully every vital function within a traditional business.
This reliance has many positives, including improved productivity, streamlined processes and greater access to accurate data. However, if those vital applications are not managed properly, there can be detrimental consequences, including productivity, data and revenue loss.
Yuor business is only as good as your infrastructure. BUSINESS Runs Better ON Quest quest software, the leader in application management, gives you confidence in your application insfrastructure. This confidence is delivered in the form of reliable products that ensure you get the most from your existing application investments-the best possible perfomance and the highest levels of availability.
Our undying focus on application also drives down your total IT operating costs. Simply put optimized software means less hardware, including fewer upgrades and delayed storage parchases. We not only help you get more from your applications, we also help you get more out of your IT staff. We equip IT proffesionals with easy-to-use tools embedded with the knowledge of our world-renowened experts that automate daily tasks and simplify complex ones.
As a result, your IT organization will be able to proactively prevent perfomance problems and down time as well as react quickly to resolve the unforeseen. No other software provider offers a more comprehensive approach to application management. Today, some of the most prestigious organizations throughout the world have seleted Quest Software as their application management solution provider because business runs better on Quest.
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VISIONAEL Headquartered in palo alto, CA, visionael is a leading provider of service creation and network inventory management akey component of any oss,visionael transforms the economics of creating, managing and delivering network services.visionael solutions allow service providers to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver high-demand ip services to their customers,and they give enterprises a platform to design and deploy complex ,geographically distributed networks. the company has over 80 custumers including verizon,ibm global services,at&t,telseon,fidelity and nokia. [to web]